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Terms and Conditions

Anyone can join Walsall Libraries

Membership Categories & Borrowing Limits

Category Borrowing Limit Media Entitlement
Junior (up to 12yrs) 15 Books, junior spoken word CDs
Intermediate (13-17yrs inclusive) 15 All except DVDs
Adult 15 All media
Over 60's 15 All Media
Newly Registered (no I.D.) 3 Books
Newly Registered (with I.D.) 15 All media

Not all media types are stocked at every library.

Loan Periods vary according to media type, the standard loan period for books is 28 days

The following may borrow up to 20 books:

Registered childminders

Home educators

Parent & toddler groups

Membership must be renewed annually

What we ask of you when you join the Library

To always bring your library card when you want to borrow items from the library or use a computer.

To bring items back on time. You will have to pay a charge for items brought back late or not renewed before their due date. 

To be responsible for all items borrowed on your library card

You will be charged for items that are lost or damaged

Your library card may not be used by anyone else

lost cards may be charged for

What you need to bring with you

If you are 13 or over but do not have proof of address with you, you may borrow up to three books and your card will be posted to you. If you have proof of address you may borrow up to 15 items immediately.

If you join on line your card will be posted to you or your guarantor where appropriate.

Charges - You will usually have to pay to borrow talking books, music CDs, CD-Roms and DVDs. There are fines for the late return of most items but there are many concessions and exemptions.

View our full scale of charges

Renewals - You can renew most items (up to a maximum 5 times) by telephone, 24hr Library line 01922 709256, on-line or in person.  If you telephone please have your library card and the items to hand.  Items in heavy demand, requested by another borrower, or borrowed from outside Walsall will not be renewed even by our automated equipment.

On line Reservations - Items thatare in-stock or on loan from a Walsall library can be requested on-line and at a reduced rate if notified on-line.

Reservations any book may be requested whether or not it is in stock at Walsall Libraries.  A charge is made for this service.

Data Protection

Data Protection Act 1998 - All personal data is collected and processed in compliance with the eight data protection principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and you have certain rights in respect of this information. 

For further details on the council's commitments to data protection, please see Walsall council data protection protocol.


By proceeding you are agreeing to the conditions above (including those detailed in the data protection section).

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